Would you like to understand yourself deeply and enhance your quality of life?

Would you like to understand others better and learn to communicate and work successfully with differences in people?


Everyday is a journey.  Discover a new path for your life!

I am a Human Dynamics® Facilitator and Trainer, with a background in clinical psychology and extensive experience teaching, training and coaching people in Human Dynamics.   As a Human Dynamics® Trainer, I bring compassion, insight and my deep knowledge and expertise in Human Dynamics to every session.   You will find that being coached in Human Dynamics is a powerful and enlightening process of self-discovery.  Each session builds upon the other and is designed to cultivate greater self-awareness.  You will also acquire invaluable knowledge and tools that can be practically applied to any life situation or challenge to facilitate your personal development and growth.


Individual Coaching

Discover who you are on the “inside,” and the unique gifts you share and bring to others.

Individual one-on-one coaching is designed to promote growth and self-understanding in your personal life, including your relationships with a partner or spouse, friends, family, co-workers, or any area of life that you would like to explore. 


Relationship Coaching

Develop powerful communication skills that will allow you to see your partner or spouse with “new eyes.”

Relationship coaching is designed to empower you to understand one another as a couple, through discovering your own natural way of communicating and relating based upon the understandings of Human Dynamics.  



Parent CoachinG

Start the journey toward developing a deeper understanding of your child or children's needs.

Parent coaching is designed to help you understand the natural learning and distinct communication needs of your child or children through the understandings of Human Dynamics - giving you and your family a tremendous advantage in life.


What is Human Dynamics in a Nutshell?

Human Dynamics is a profound body of knowledge that identifies “hidden” inner differences in the way people naturally “take in” their experiences, process information, think, learn, and communicate and relate with others.  Understanding these inner differences in people will give you new awareness of yourself and others that will be of enormous benefit to you personally and professionally. 

I believe that we all have the wisdom and power within us to discover who we truly are “on the inside.”  If you want to understand yourself and learn new skills that will enable you to communicate, relate and collaborate successfully with others, I invite you to sign up for a free complimentary 30 minute session below: